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Welcome to Grey Wolf Handcraft!

Formerly MRC Custom Leather, Grey Wolf Handcraft is the metamorphosis of my creative vision of what I want my craft to be and of how I want my work to speak to the world. Here, you and I work together to make our vision of natural art come to life, in something that you will enjoy and cherish for a lifetime!

Nestled in the foothills of the great mountains of far Northern California near Redding, Shasta County California, this idyllic setting is the source and inspiration for my creations. At Grey Wolf Handcraft I work with many mediums, mostly leather, waxed canvas, and other natural gathered materials such as bone, antler, feathers, wood, and so on. I’ve always enjoyed doing “hands on” work, whether it’s in wood, metal, leather, or other mediums. I recall one day in woodshop in school when my teacher, after I handed him a project, stated “I hate it when a student gives me a project and I can’t find anything wrong with it.” That was a compliment, I suppose! That was a start of a life long interest in working with my hands and a “DIY” attitude!

There is something special and unique about the smell and feel of leather and these other natural materials. They blend in perfectly with nature. It hearkens back to a day when people had pride in hand-made, all natural goods, things that lasted a lifetime and were handed down to their kids, and their kids’ kids. Quality hand crafted leather goods are timeless, while exuding a class and style that no factory made good can come close to.

What can I do for you?

Inspired by over 2 million acres of forest and wilderness, all of nature’s creatures, and the remarkable travelers I meet in this area, it brings me back to the days of my youth that were spent creating with my hands and running loose in the woods day after day with my dog. Yep, I was one of those kids!! The energy of the earth, the trees, the critters, and the air has always spoken to me, and I try to channel that back into the world through my work. I would LOVE to work one on one with you to create a piece that speaks to you and your heart, and fulfills your vision. Contact me any time and lets discuss! Or feel free to browse my online store and see if anything speaks to you!

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Thank you for visiting! Remember to get outside often, enjoy, cherish, and appreciate those things created by hand.

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