How to Custom Order

Welcome to the Grey Wolf Handcraft Custom Shop!

The sky, and your imagination, is the only limit!

At Grey Wolf Handcraft I’ve made custom creations from Leather, Antler, Bone, Wood, Canvas, Feathers and various other natural materials. My work typically leans towards outdoor and bushcraft items, to tribal, indigenous, historic, festival, and boho creations. Yeah, a bit eclectic for sure!

For my Custom Leather work

Everything I do is 100% hand made from various leathers (Or other materials, as stated). Most of my stitching with is done by hand with thread or sinew and a needle. All of my work is hand formed, hand dyed, and hand finished with a multi step finish process designed to protect the items you carry in your leather, the leather itself from the elements, as well as allowing the leather to breathe! This obviously is a time consuming process and the results are always worth it. You end up with a leather good that doesn’t look like it came from a sporting goods shop, eBay or other generic, cheaply and quickly made shop, or a factory over in Asia. There is something warm and organic about hand made leather goods as opposed to the generic, plain feel expressed by factory pieces. Heart and soul is poured into each piece I make. They feel a part of you, your kit, and feel like they just blend in and belong in the environment.

For other items: Jewelry, bags, necklaces, and so on, you and I spend time discussing what you want and what you’re trying to achieve with your piece. We can discuss materials, design, and intention in order to design and create a one of a kind piece that speaks to your heart and soul and tells the world part of your story.

For every project you and I work together and go over the details so that we get everything as perfect as possible. Your investment in this is important and together we can make sure your item is as you imagine and conveys your spirit and vision, is uniquely you, is made with quality so that you can hand it down to your kids, and is crafted with passion on my part.

Process for ordering Custom Work

If you’re looking to have a custom item made, this is how it works.

  1. First up, let me know what you’re looking to have made. The easiest way to do this is to hop on over to my Custom Order Form and use the easy contact form provided there and give me the details on what you’re looking for. You and I decide if I am the right person for the job. We make sure your design ideas are doable as you envision it. I will incorporate as many of your ideas as possible while also producing an item that is functional and will last.
  2. If you decide to order, we’ll finalize all the details and trade info and if needed get your knife or other item on its way out to be fitted.
  3. If there happens to be a wait list I will let you know up front so you can have a reasonable expectation on when I will start and when I will finish your item.
  4. For custom knife sheaths, often you’ll have to send me your knife so I can make a sheath to fit. I don’t own all of the knives that exist out there! I rarely work from dimensions alone. My goal is to make the most useful product possible and getting a good fit is part of that. Shipping charges are your responsibility but are usually only a few bucks and very much worth it to get the best quality, heirloom quality leather piece possible. I also recommend insuring your package, again, only a few dollars at most. I do keep your items under lock and key and as secure as possible.


Pricing on leather work and other hand crafted work can vary by a great deal depending on what you want to have made and using what materials. The majority of the cost is the time involved in creating and making great leather pieces; the material costs are often a much smaller percentage of the cost than time. This is the nature of Old World Craftsmanship, when things were made by hand with pride! All custom orders will be quoted individually.

There is no way I can match pricing with products mass produced in the Far East nor are my products designed to be used a few years then tossed away. If that is your market, that’s fine, I just don’t make cheap products. My stuff is designed to be owned with pride, used hard, maintained, repaired if and when needed, then handed down to your kids.

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Thank you and my deepest gratitude!