Customer Testimonials from folks proud to own Grey Wolf Handcraft products.

Mitch Mitchell from History Channel survival television show “Alone” and his own survival school Native Survival talks about a custom leather archery belt quiver I made for him, featuring his school logo and turkey feather inlay..



Mike, received the small one an hr. ago…you gotta be kiddin me, this is the best one I ever had so far! I will buy a large one this weekend. .I love this pouch…..I want a large one andwhat else?? do you make a very large one? You rock and I am now a forever fan, THANK YOU MIKE!!!


Hi Mike,
The pouch just arrived today. I couldn’t be more satisfied or amazed at the craftsmanship and quality! It is better than I could imagine! Everything is perfect and proportionate. Your recommendations on the design fit the piece exactly. The hardware is both durable and attractive. Words cannot describe my gratitude or the quality of the bag. The timeframe that you completed is also amazing. Work like this in my opinion would take at least a half year which would’ve been worth the wait by the way. You went above and beyond and it is noticed and appreciated. Your customer service, pricing, and communication though the whole process was excellent. I’ll definitely be going to you for all my leatherwork, and will be sending business your way. I’ll be in touch.


Dave McCarthy:

Hello Mike,

Just received my sheath for my Becker BK2 today and I’ve got to tell you that the quality of materials, attention to detail, and craftsmanship are second to none. The color was perfect.Thank you for your skilled work and timely customer service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks, David McCarthy

Mike K:

MIKE!! I received everything today… freaking AWESOME!! What an incredible work of art! I showed it to my wife and she kept stroking the leather… with a smile on her face! I had to take it away from her…

It is simply beautiful… GREAT craftsmanship!


“Brutane” forum name at BCUSA:

Those look spectacular! I used to have one very similar to that when I was a kid but it had a shoulder strap that I wore cross body. It had just enough room for my canteen, my knife, a snack, and my slingshot with ammo. That thing was probably 50+ years old when I found it in my grandmothers attic. My dad said he used it all through his childhood as well so I can vouch for the durability of the design because it got super well “worn in” and had a great distressed look from all of its years of service. All I ever had to do was re-lace all of the seams because the thinner leather of the laces wore out and started to break but that was a neat project as a kid too. I unfortunately was a dumb kid and I kept it in my grandmothers basement with my other outdoor tramping stuff. When I went off to college, it remained down there hanging on a nail and got totally wrecked and mildewed from the moisture and my dad ended up throwing it out last year when he sold the old homestead.


I guess I didn’t really need to be so long winded but seeing your bags really brought back a ton of great memories and even the smell of that old leather bag into my consciousness! Thank you!



From Anthony on BushcraftUSA

I couldn’t have been more satisfied and look forward to doing business with Mike again. He’s a class act that crafts top of the line leather craft. I would put his work up against any out there.


From Exy, Bushcraft USA

I must say brother.. it did not disappoint. Perfect in every way.. I adore it, and I am a freak about quality and detail. This one will replace my adventure sworn traveler’s pouch which I will put up for sale soon.
The leather is amazing.. and the design is utterly clever in every way. I plan to get some nice photos of it and load out’s and drum up some business for ya.. because these things are great man.
Symmetry was perfect, the edges cut like a lazer, no frilly shit hanging off the sides.. and the color is gorgeous.
I’m very very happy with my purchase and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and sticking to your word. It was packages beautifully, not stuffed in

I absolutely adore it man.. and I don’t say that about many things.
I really appreciate the effort you’ve put it to informing everyone about these, and the videos. I shall sing your praises and do my best to put a spotlight on this work.. as I believe in it sincerely.
Thanks again man, I love it!


From Larry W.

I just wanted to drop you an email and tell you how happy I am with my new sheaths. I have carried knives all of my life and I am fifty four years old and never have I had such quality leather and craftsmanship to carry them in. I cannot express enough what a wonderful job you did with them from the heavy leather to the stitching they far exceed anything that anyone could purchase retail. I may be moving out of state but I will be sure to mail you more knives in the future.


From Mary Ann

Hello, Mike, I received the belt pouch today and I am VERY pleased!!! Thank you very much for your wonderful service and great craftsmanship.


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